Friday, August 21, 2009

About House of Mayhem

An offspring of Soul Sector, which formed in 1997, Supreme Soul is made up of ten long-time freestyle dancers, all from San Francisco: Pharside, Genius, Frost, Mitch, Kool Raul, DereLeek, Hollywood, Slim Jim, Bionic, and Cryx.

One of Supreme Souls biggest accomplishments was when Genius, Kool Raul, Slim, Bionic, Frost, Mitch, and Pharside competed in MTV's America's Best Dance Crew Season 2. Making their mark in the Bay Area, their momentum on the show was cut short in a controversial elimination that positioned them in the Top 5 Best Crews of USA.

Individually, we see ourselves as "beasts" of our own style. As a crew, we view ourslves as a "monster" -- a monster whose reach spans a unique mix of different dance styles . Covering different styles from b-boying, housing, krumping, hip-hop, popping, locking, animation, our styles of dance are spread around the world by our teachers: Mop Top, Electric Boogaloos, Medea Sirkas, Demons of the Mind and Rock Steady, among others.

These styles are the original and have influenced virtually all of the dance styles in today's dance generations, worldwide.

In June 2009, Pharside (Christopher Jennings) returned to the Bay Area and opened House of Mayhem in San Mateo.

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